Business excellence

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We strive for excellence in all areas of our organisation's activities. To ensure we are best placed in a competitive and challenging environment we benchmark what we do, have invested in a Quality and Performance team, collaborate with local and national research agencies and ensure we are compliant with the standards and best practice guidelines published by our regulatory bodies.

Performance benchmarking  

We measure our business good practice and service delivery against the best of private, public and not-for-profit organisations in our sectors.

We benchmark ourselves against national standards and continually strive for excellence. The quality marks and awards we have include:

For more information on the employer awards we have won click here. 

We are also an active member of various trade bodies, strategy groups and best practice promotion partnerships. 


To ensure everything we do is as effective as it can be and of high quality we have invested in a Quality and Performance team. This team oversees the collection and analysis of information from across all our services and initiatives.  Having an analytical and focused approach to what we do helps us understand how and why different models of support and interventions are effective.

Our Board has overall responsibility for good governance and ensuring that we meet all our regulatory and legal requirements. Our Risk, Audit and Performance Committee has particular responsibility for reviewing activity around quality.


We collaborate with local and national agencies on research. As a leading provider of care and support for vulnerable people, we believe we have a responsibility to support the development of best practice in the sectors within which we work.   

Health & Safety

We have an excellent record ensuring the safety of our staff and clients. We have received recognition of the high standards of both our management systems and safety record from the British Safety Council for the past six years.

We continually review and update our health and safety systems to meet the changing needs of our staff and clients and to ensure that we meet our regulatory and legal requirements. Our aim is to proactively promote a positive health and safety culture within our organisation and our operations, and to have a systematic approach to the management of health and safety.

To achieve this we:

  1. Have clear and accessible health and safety policies and arrangements which are easy to understand and implement
  2. Minimise any risks from our undertakings to employees, clients and the wider community
  3. Support the achievement of occupational health and wellbeing targets
  4. Maintain and continually improve measurable standards in occupational health and safety
  5. Demonstrate commitment and conformance to the standards to stakeholders and clients
  6. Monitor accidents, incidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences and health, safety and environmental related sickness absences, so we can ensure safe practices and relevant staff support are in place
  7. Assist our clients to have an awareness of health and safety issues at home, in the community and in work and training and to develop the skills to keep them safe
  8. Ensure all our contractors and sub-contractors have appropriate health and safety measures in place
  9. Promote the benefits of good health and safety management to all staff to reduce the risks to staff in the workplace as well as promoting the general benefits of healthy lifestyles
  10. Ensure that all our properties and working environments are safe and comply with relevant regulations