Our purpose and values

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Across Sussex there are people struggling to make ends meet, people threatened with homelessness or long-term unemployment, and people facing financial, social, physical, mental and emotional challenges.

We are there for those people, whether it’s enabling them to make the most of their lives, helping them to secure paid employment and financial security, or having a safe place that they can call home.

Our Guiding Principles

Our pledge to clients

We are driven by our clients' needs and aspirations. We pledge to each and every one of our clients to:

  • aim to get things right first time and every time
  • receive and respond to all feedback
  • monitor satisfaction of our services
  • regularly check on the quality of our services and inform clients of the results
  • continually look for ways to improve the standard and efficiency of the care and support we provide

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Our pledge to staff

At the core of our success is the commitment, passion and hard work of our staff. We work hard to recruit and retain skilled and caring individuals who hold the same values as Southdown and are committed to making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Sussex. In return, we aim to be the best employer we can be and ‘the place to work’.

We pledge to every member of our staff to:

  • offer good employment benefits and working conditions where everyone is treated fairly and with respect
  • create a welcoming, professional and enjoyable work culture that recognises individuals' input
  • invest in induction, training and supervision to ensure staff are skilled and supported to do their job
  • provide resources and organisational support services so staff can work effectively and efficiently       
  • be a flexible employer so staff can enjoy a good work/life balance
  • celebrate the contribution staff make to help us provide vital services for our clients

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