Think Family Money Management Outreach (West Sussex)

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Building on our relationship with West Sussex County Council we are working with the 'Think Family Partnership’ to deliver focused financial support to help families manage their debt.

Five Money Management Outreach Workers work within the Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help Service (IPEH) to deliver intensive support to families. Using a holistic approach and working to an independence model, Money Management Outreach Workers offer families tailored support to explore their debt issues and identify and develop positive, sustainable solutions. Families will be supported to achieve effective change, greater control over their lives and to develop long term independence.

Support will assist families to

  • Identify and resolve ongoing debt issues
  • Identify priority and non-priority debts
  • Identify and address rent arrears to mitigate the risk of homelessness
  • Obtain individual advice through an authorised debt intermediary and support them with paperwork required for agreed debt solution
  • Develop household budgeting skills
  • Develop long term money management skills
  • Achieve financial inclusion

Eligible applicants

Families being supported through an early help plan or an IPEH worker.

How to apply

Referrals will be accepted where the need for money management support is identified to improve financial capability or reduce the risk of homelessness. Please download and complete the referral form below.

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Contact Details

Money Management Outreach Workers
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Money Management Outreach Team
01903 867 320