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Homelessness Prevention Partnership

Our West Sussex Homelessness Prevention Partnership in conjunction with the districts and boroughs, provides a range of support to help prevent people becoming homeless. We acknowledge that housing is a wider determinant of health and by resolving these issues we can help reduce harm and improve the health and well-being of our client group.
We provide pre-tenancy, supported accommodation and specialist targeted services to develop the skills and confidence to enable people to sustain their tenancies, avoid homelessness and achieve independence.
We work with a range of vulnerable people with high support needs including young care leavers, where there is a statutory duty to provide support and also to those people who need support to access, or maintain their tenancy, after a stay on acute wards.

How the service works:

We employ a team to work with individuals in a psychologically informed way to promote resilience and confidence. This includes engagement over their tenancy agreement responsibilities, claiming welfare benefits, household budgeting and supporting them to engage and create supportive networks in their local community. Through coaching we can equip them, even in a short period of time, to move on and resettle.


The Partnership doesn’t accept direct referrals from individuals. All referrals are allocation by the local authority housing teams.


MyPlace operates in the Chichester district, offering young people (18-25) and care leavers an opportunity to hold a supported tenancy for a period of time to help them develop the skills to manage independently and take on a general needs tenancy. We lease the property from Registered Social landlords.

We provide:

  • A Floating Support Officer who will support and coach the individuals, so they understand their rights and responsibilities of managing a tenancy
  • A period of pre-tenancy support to address the initial complex stages 
  • A Housing Officer who can deal with rent queries and housing management issues including anti-social behaviour and liaison with landlords
  • A property services team to oversee all aspects of maintenance  including health and safety checks and liaison with head landlords over day-to-day and major repairs which fall under their responsibility


MyPlace doesn’t accept direct referrals from individuals. All referrals are allocation by the local authority housing teams.

Hospital Discharge Service

A team of Housing Support Officers are co-located in acute mental health wards and rehabilitation units and in general needs hospitals (Chichester, Crawley and Worthing). They identify housing issues at an early stage and provide support to prevent homelessness on discharge. Patients receive advice, support, signposting and proactive interventions for homelessness prevention. This reduces the number of patients being discharged to the streets.
Working as part of an integrated team, they can address any housing issues and avoid delays in discharges. Support includes a professional housing assessment, welfare benefits, advice, signposting, liaison with housing benefit, local authority housing departments, hospital teams, landlords and other support providers.


Patients are referred directly to this service by hospital ward staff.

Money Management Outreach

We work with the Early Help Service to deliver focussed financial support to help families with unmanageable debt.
A small team of Money Management Outreach Workers work with 25 families each. They deliver intensive support using a holistic approach which offers positive sustainable solutions. The aim is for the family to manage their debt and achieve greater control and develop long term money management skills.

Support includes:

  • Identifying and resolving on –going debt issues
  • Identifying priority and non-priority debts
  • Addressing rent arrears to mitigate the risk of homelessness
  • Develop budgeting skills, money management skills to achieve financial inclusion
  • Maximising income and reducing expenditure


Referrals are accepted via a referral form completed by the Early Help Service. This can be found and downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Contact Details:

Name: Matthew Moore
Job Title: Money Management Manager
Email: MMOW@southdown.org
Telephone: 07977 980034


Landlord Function

We are a specialist housing provider and landlord for more than 170 tenants in West Sussex. We act as an intermediary landlord for Registered Social Landlords who lease their properties to us. We can then issue tenancies to clients who need additional support to live independently before they are ready to take on a general needs tenancy. This function offers a safe and secure home environment for them and a structured move on plan and resettlement if necessary.




Service Location: 

Contact Details

Roisin Murphy
Job Title: 
Operations Manager for the West Sussex Homelessness Prevention Partnership
07791 419 543