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How to access our housing

People needing Supported Housing should approach their local council who can make a referral to us. As we provide Supported Housing, people referred to us need to have identified support needs. Once someone is referred, we will make contact to discuss their housing and support needs and, if they meet the criteria, arrange for them to view a property.

Visit the Useful Resources section of our website for more information.

About our West Sussex Independent Living Scheme

In West Sussex, we run an Independent Living Scheme (ILS) for 170 tenants, taking referrals from the Local Authority when they identify people with housing and support needs. The aim of the scheme is to give people the time and help they need to learn to live independently.

Each tenant has a dedicated Housing Officer, who provides Housing Management support, including support for rent arrears, welfare benefits and to resolve anti-social behaviour.

In addition, a Floating Support Officer will work alongside the individual to help them to develop the skills, resources and resilience needed to maintain their home.

Once a person is confident and happy living independently, Southdown will recommend to their landlord that they are granted a ‘general needs’ tenancy. This not only  provides the individual with longer-term security but enables Southdown to accept another person onto the ILS.

By acting as an intermediary landlord for people referred to the ILS, we aim to ensure individuals are equipped to manage and maintain their tenancy for the long-term, reducing the risk of homelessness and upheaval from moving from place to place.

Landlords also benefit from the ILS as tenants have been equipped with the skills and knowledge to uphold their tenancy agreement, including paying their rent on time and not behaving anti-socially. In addition, the scheme reduces the need for people to go back to their Local Authority for assistance to find other suitable accommodation.

For more information on our West Sussex housing-related support services visit our website.            

Developing Supported Housing across Sussex

We are committed to doing what we can to address the housing crisis and to develop more Supported Housing in Sussex.

In 2018-19, we invested £1.6 million to create a new specialist supported housing development in Brighton, which has enabled six individuals with complex needs to leave inpatient settings and live in the community.

Over the next five years, we aim to invest a further £3.1 million and are keen to work with developers, Local Authorities and the NHS to develop Supported Housing designed to prevent homelessness and admission to hospital as well as support ‘move-on’ from higher-need supported accommodation.

To discuss opportunities to develop Supported Housing in Sussex, please contact our Director of Housing, Jim Aspdin, using the details below.

Contact Details

Name: Southdown’s Housing team
Job Title: General enquiries
Telephone: 01273 405 800