Southdown as a Landlord

Housing Management and Property Services Teams

As a landlord, it is important that we provide modern and economically sustainable housing that meets the needs of both our current and future tenants. To support us to do this we listen to what our tenants say about our properties and what they want. We provide different types of affordable housing from temporary accommodation to a long-term home for people who have health and/or support needs.

Housing Management Team

Our Housing Management Team ensure that our homes are of good quality, well maintained, affordable and energy efficient. They ensure that rent is paid and tenants abide by the terms of their contract. The team also support people with any concerns or queries regarding their tenancy.

"The support my partner and I've had has been excellent. Every step of the way, they've been there for us. We've not only had support to move into our own flat but to set up our home too. They've supported us to find affordable furnishings and provided advice on welfare benefits. If  anything crops up, I know i can get in touch with someone and they will be there, the support we've had has made the transition of settling into our flat so much easier." Steve, a Southdown tenant

Property Services Team

We have a dedicated Property Services Team that oversee all aspects of property maintenance and development. This includes repairs, refurbishments and coordinating health and safety property checks.

Did you know?

As a specialist supported housing landlord the majority of our tenants also receive additional support from us to help maintain their homes from our Housing Officers. Alongside them, our Floating Support Officers work to ensure that individuals have the support they need to manage their independence, health and wellbeing.

Annual report for tenants

Every year we produce a report for our tenants outlining how we have performed as a landlord over the past year along with our plans for the year ahead. To read the latest report, download the document below.

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