Celebrating Pride and Equality

rainbow flag

This weekend, Brighton Pride will host an online festival to mark its 30 years of campaigning, protest and celebration and help raise essential funds for our LGBTQ+ community groups. 

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic many Pride events across Sussex have been cancelled, however some organisers have been able to find other ways to celebrate Pride over the next month. Below is a round-up of local events and how to access them:

BRIGHTON PRIDE – 3 Day Digital Festival ‘We Are Fabuloso’ from Friday 31 July to Sun 2 August 2020. This free event will be livestreamed on the website and youtube. For the full schedule visit the website.

HASTINGS PRIDE – Hastings Pride and Hastings Artists and Designers Exhibition at The Crown on Friday 7 August 2020. This exhibition will be celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and 50 years since the first Pride march in 1970. Visit the facebook page for more information.

BRIGHTON FILMPRIDE – The FilmPride Online Film Festival will take place from 17 August to 31 August 2020 on Latest Brighton. Visit the website for all the details.

At Southdown, equality, diversity and inclusion is embedded in what we do and the essence of why we exist - that everyone, no matter what their life experience, background or challenges will have the opportunity to lead their life to the full.   

Vikki Hayward-Cripps, our Deputy Chief Executive, says,

The more organisations and individuals that stand up for equality, the sooner we will live in a world where all LGBTQ+ people are accepted without exception.

Southdown was created to provide services for disabled and vulnerable people to support them to be as independent as possible and be included in our communities. As a housing, care and support provider we can make a difference by reducing the disadvantages some people experience, by making our services more responsive and accessible for a diverse range of individual and community needs.

We pride ourselves on creating a Southdown culture that challenges prejudice and values diversity. We're committed to ensuring that all of our staff and clients, whatever their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, feel welcome and are not discriminated against or treated unfairly. It’s essential that all our colleagues feel valued, respected and included. 

We have a long history of championing the rights of our LGBTQ+ clients and supporting equal opportunities among our LGBTQ+ staff and are proud of our achievements and the positive feedback we receive including from external audits. However, we are keenly aware of the need to make continued improvements and avoid complacency so we will continue to listen to and work with our clients and staff to do this. 

9.5 % of Southdown’s colleagues tell us they identify as LGBTQ+ – it’s not unusual here. 

Every one of us can play a role in supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion at work, for example by not making assumptions about other people’s children, families, partners or friends; thinking about how we can address any anti-LGBTQ+ comments we might hear; and supporting and including our colleagues.  

If you’re celebrating Pride this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time!