Message Of Support And Thanks to Parents Working Across Southdown

Home Schooling

As some schools opened their doors to more children this week, our Deputy Chief Executive, Vikki Hayward-Cripps, shares a message of support and thanks to parents working across Southdown:

"As the country went into lockdown 11 weeks ago, parents of school-age youngsters have had to grapple with huge changes to the education of their children.  

At Southdown, over 250 of our staff are parents of school-age children. 

Many of you, I know, have been juggling homeschooling or supporting your children to navigate online learning at the same time as doing your work for Southdown. 

Most of you have been working from home which has been a feat of time management and tested your family resilience in new ways. 

Some of you have been working in the community for our Learning Disability Services and our face-to-face homelessness prevention services and, as critical workers, have been supporting your children to attend a socially distanced school-world. 

Many others of you have been affected by nursery closures and have been looking after your toddlers at the same time as working from home – a tricky achievement.

On behalf of the Executive team, I’d like to say thank you to all the parents across Southdown for your continued hard work and commitment whilst juggling work and home life. We know this has not been easy and has been a rollercoaster experience at times. We really do appreciate your efforts.

Thank you also to the many staff that have been in touch to say that the increased flexible working arrangements we put in place at the start of lockdown have helped. Over the coming months, we will continue to track Government guidance around the phased re-opening of nurseries and schools to more children, as well as schools and nurseries’ responses, and explore what we can do to continue to support you."