NHF's Homes at the Heart campaign


The National Housing Federation is currently running a ‘Homes at the Heart’ six-week campaign to highlight why social housing needs to be at the heart of the government’s plans for getting the country back on track.

The campaign covers a range of themes that highlight all the ways social housing is good for the economy and society – from creating jobs and delivering care and support, to decarbonising the country and supporting prosperous communities.

This week, the campaign is focusing on why homes are at the heart of living well; how housing based care and support can help people manage though a crisis, support people to live independently and how housing-related support saves money on other public services, including the NHS.

At Southdown, we’re backing the NHF’s Homes at the Heart campaign and the need for investment in social housing.

Jim Aspdin, our Director of Housing, says,

“We’re backing the NHF’s Homes at the Heart campaign because we have seen over and over again the transformative effect on people having a safe place to call home.

For many of our tenants, the personal and emotional security gained by good quality, affordable, housing is what has allowed them to regain control of their lives. A move into a settled home allows individuals autonomy and control, to find meaning and purpose, and begin to contribute positively to the wider community.

Increasing the supply of affordable homes to those who need them most, with support available to sustain it, may not be a radical idea but it would make a radical transformation to society.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Southdown’s staff have continued to innovate in order to maintain the essential support we provide to our tenants and the thousands of clients in contact with our services.

I couldn’t be more proud of the work our staff continue to undertake, often in difficult circumstances, to ensure we can continue to be there for our clients and tenants at this extremely challenging time.”

For more information on the NHF’s Homes at the Heart campaign visit their website.