"Racism as well as other forms of direct and indirect discrimination have no place in our society."

Anti-racism, equality, diversity, and inclusion

Following the recent tragic events in America, our Deputy Chief Executive, Vikki Hayward-Cripps, shares Southdown’s position and approach to equality, diversity and inclusion:

Tragic recent events in America have once again highlighted the deep-rooted problem of race discrimination within societies across the world. This is an issue that also lives within the UK and organisations across the country. 

Racism as well as other forms of direct and indirect discrimination have no place in our society. All organisations must be part of the change to step up and stamp out prejudice, and to build diverse and supportive cultures of respect and fairness for all. 

At Southdown, we acknowledge there is more work to do, including making sure all staff know what we believe in as well as what we are doing to support equality, diversity and inclusion.        

Activities include:

  • Developing a clear stance and set of values about equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • Developing our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Strategy to further improve, promote and monitor what we do
  • Providing a summary leaflet for all staff to explain our Strategy, our values and our expectations in our mandatory induction training 
  • Continuation of the analysis of staff representation, satisfaction, job grade, promotion and grievances by diversity group, and presenting and discussing these results with managers and staff 
  • Continuation of the analysis of client representation, outcomes, satisfaction and complaints by diversity group, and sharing these results with staff and clients
  • Using specialist advocates, external auditors and inspectors to review what we do
  • Continuing to listen to staff and clients; encouraging reflection, acknowledging and learning from our mistakes and showing our willingness to change 

We need to make a real difference and do more to push harder in creating fair and inclusive organisations and societies – it is at the heart of Southdown’s purpose.