Southdown pledge support for restraint-free services campaign

RRN Standards

This week, the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) launched a campaign to reduce restrictive practice across the NHS and adult social care to improve the quality of life of people accessing services.

The ‘Know the Standards’ campaign urges education and health and social care providers to pledge their support to reduce restrictive practice and sign up to the RRN’s Training Standards.

“There is growing recognition among professional bodies and government departments that whilst the use of any kind of restraint may on rare occasions be necessary to keep people safe, it is also traumatic and must be minimised in therapeutic settings.

NHS England is leading a significant improvement programme to reduce restrictive practices across the NHS and adult social care.

As part of this work, the NHS has commissioned the Restraint Reduction Network to develop standards for the training, prevention and use of restrictive interventions.

The Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards 2019 aim to facilitate culture change, not just technical competence. The Standards focus on the human rights, restraint reduction, prevention, de-escalation, safe use and recovery.

The Standards will provide a national and international benchmark for training in supporting people who are distressed in education, health and social care settings.” - The RNN

How is Southdown involved?

As the largest provider of accommodation, care and support for adults with learning disabilities across Sussex, Southdown fully supports the RNN's mission to reduce restrictive practice in order to improve people’s quality of life. We have pledged our support for the ‘Know the Standards’ campaign, and will continue to work towards minimising the use of restrictive practices across our learning disability services.

As a BILD-accredited Physical Interventions training organisation, Southdown adheres to the RRN Training Standards (BILD is currently transferring accreditited providers' to the RRN’s new framework).

Positive Behaviour Support

Our support for the RNN’s campaign builds on our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach, which we have embedded and developed across our learning disability services over the past six years.

In 2013, we established a central team to lead on our PBS approach, which enables us to understand the reasons why our clients display challenging behaviour and put in place support tailored to their needs. This includes a targeted strategy to reduce the use of restrictive physical interventions and restrictive practices. In the past year alone, the use of physical interventions across all of Southdown’s learning disability services has reduced by 35%. Southdown do not use supine restraint in any of our services.

For more information on the Restraint Reduction Network’s Know the Standards campaign, visit