"I am trying to stay nice and calm"

Phone Buddies

I’ve also bought Instant Cappuccino so that I can have cappuccino in my flat because I can’t go to a café – I’ve found a ‘work around’.

David lives in one of our Learning Disability Services and Jenny is Southdown’s Training Manager. They are phone buddies and have been talking on the phone most days since early April. In this interview, David talks about life under lockdown. 


Jenny: Before lockdown you did a lot, didn’t you David?

David:  Yes, I went to Portsmouth, Gatwick and Eastbourne on the train. I like going on the train. I also went to Southsea and walked along the top. You can see the Isle of Wight. 


Jenny: Do you go with someone else?

David: No, I go by myself and plan it myself. 

I also went to George Street in Hove to the cafes there; I like to have a coffee and cake - and lunch at Café Italia. I’d have a drink in Wetherspoon’s. Buy models from W H Smiths. Buy the paper. Go to Tesco’s. I know the staff in Wetherspoon’s and Tesco’s and talk to them. 


Jenny: So you were out and about quite a lot. How are you finding lockdown? 

David: It’s difficult. It gets me down sometimes. I feel like my independence has been taken away from me. But I am getting more used to it. I see other people losing their temper in the street, but I am trying to stay nice and calm. 


Jenny: I know it is hard, David. So what are you doing to cope with lockdown? 

David: I have my films. 


Jenny: You are good at planning what films you are going to watch in the week, so you have something to look forward to. You’ve given me some great recommendations! 

David: Yes. I have watched all the Rocky films, James Bond (I like Daniel Craig and Roger Moore best - I’m not so keen on Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan), the Matrix. Film 4 are putting out some good films at the moment too.  

I’ve also bought Instant Cappuccino so that I can have cappuccino in my flat because I can’t go to a café – I’ve found a ‘work around’. 


Jenny: You are also very good at following the news about lockdown, David.

David: Yes, I read the paper, listen to the radio all day, look on Facebook and then work it out, work out what you can and can’t do. I’m following a paramedic on Facebook who is telling us what we should do. 


Jenny: When I ring you at 3pm I get a really good update on the lockdown news from you. What have you picked up you need to do to stay safe?

David: You have to wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap a lot – especially when you go out and when you come back in again. Use hand sanitiser. You have to try and stay in. You have to stay 2 metres apart from other people when you go out. I do that. The staff at Tesco’s have said I do this very well. The new Tesco’s security guard is jokey and he said, “You know what you are doing.” Some people do not follow the rules, which is really stupid. 


Jenny: What are you looking forward to being able to do again when lockdown is lifted? 

David: Going back to cafes and going on the train to Gatwick and Portsmouth. Having a haircut and shave at the barbers – I look a right mess! 


Our Telephone Buddies are part of our Southdown Reservist Team. Southdown Reservists are employees from Southdown's Community Support Services and Central Services who have volunteered to step forward and offer help to their Learning Disability Support colleagues. During the pandemic, our Learning Disability Support services are being shielded with clients no longer undertaking community visits and services not receiving any non-essential visitors.