"This new building is amazing – it’s a smart building and very high tech"

Learning Disabilities Service Manager

We’ll be a whole new team working with clients with complex needs – it’s exciting and a challenge I am relishing! 

Southdown Court is a brand new service for six clients who are new to Southdown and have complex needs who would suit living on their own in self-contained flats.

Previously I was the Service Manager at a registered care service but I've worked for Southdown for 19 years. The first service I worked in was actually a learning disability service that used to be on this site!

This new building is amazing – it’s a smart building and very high tech. The challenge will be to learn how it works! It’s like a wish list of features that we may or may not need for individuals, but will give us amazing flexibility and options in how we support people. One example is that the flats have air conditioning and so won’t be too hot in the summer.

Clients will receive one-to-one support at home between the hours of 7am to 10pm. When in the community, some will receive two-to-one support. We will support our clients to live an active social life and because most of them are young adults – two will be going to college this year - we'll be building up long-term links in the community. As an example, one of the clients loves shopping for clothes at New Look. Another loves all things Disney!

Currently the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Team has been creating PBS Plans for clients and we will base our training on these. The PBS team will continue to have involvement in the service whilst the clients settle in and some of our team will also go out to meet clients before they move in to build familiarity.

At this service we also have amazing staff facilities away from the client flats. This will give staff a place to go when a client wants to be alone for a while.

We’ll be a whole new team working with clients with complex needs – it’s exciting and a challenge I am relishing! We have already recruited the Deputy Manager and three Senior Support Workers who will provide support and leadership. 

The first client moves in at the end of September and we’re really looking forward to helping her to settle into her new home and personalise her flat. The other clients will then move in over the following weeks. It’s a very exciting process.  

We're currently in the process of recruiting Southdown staff to this service. We always like to have a mixture of staff that know Southdown systems and our ethos along with some staff that are new to the organisation. Forming a new team will be exciting and a great opportunity for existing staff to help set the tone and lead good practice in a new environment. 

Southdown Court has easy links to central Brighton – with parking, a bike shed, and a local bus route that stops just outside the building. We can also offer flexible rotas.

If you would like to know more about working as a Support Worker, click here.


Southdown manages supported living services across Sussex. Supported living is where an individual owns or rents their own home and has control over the support they get and how they live their lives. Accommodation and support is provided separately. It can be very different for different people. For one person, supported living might be a few hours of support a week to enable them to live independently by themselves in a rented flat. For another it may be around the clock support in a shared house or self-contained flat.