rent arrears, repair targets and compliance

Rent Arrears, Repair Targets, Compliance & Complaints Review

It is important that our tenants, as well as our clients and other stakeholders, are able to openly access information on our priorities and are able to review our performance. As well as the...
Southdown property

Our housing

As a specialist-housing provider and landlord, we provide Supported Housing for vulnerable people. This means we provide both housing and additional personalised support to enable people to live as...

Useful resources

How to apply for housing To be eligible for a Southdown tenancy a person must be on the Housing Register with their Local Authority Housing Options team. We do not hold our own waiting list so cannot...
Residential Care

Residential Care

Residential care means that accommodation and support are provided together as a full package of care. Our staff provide 24 hour support for people with personal care, mobility, health, behavioural...
Supported Living

Supported Living

Supported living is where an individual owns or rents their own home and has control over the support they get and how they live their lives. Accommodation and support is provided separately. It can...
Supported Employment

Work and Wellbeing (Sussex)

Being in work can help maintain good mental health. It gives us a purpose, promotes independence and can improve the way we feel about ourselves. Our Employment Specialists will work with you to help...
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