Employment Support

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Substance Misuse Employment Service (East Sussex)

About the service The Substance Misuse Employment Service supports people receiving community treatment for drug and alcohol dependence who are unemployed and living in East Sussex. The service is...
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Covid-19 Employment Support Service (Brighton, Hove and West Sussex)

About the service During the Covid-19 pandemic many people’s mental wellbeing and employment has been impacted. This service provides dedicated employment support and guidance for people living with...

Work in Mind (East Sussex)

About the service Work in Mind is a free service providing employment-related support for adults accessing East Sussex Health in Mind’s mental health services. Our Employment Specialists provide...
Supported Employment

Work and Wellbeing (Sussex)

Being in work can help maintain good mental health. It gives us a purpose, promotes independence and can improve the way we feel about ourselves. Our Employment Specialists will work with you to help...
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