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Six More ‘Good’ CQC Inspections

Posted on 3 February 2022

All our learning disability services are registered with, and regulated by, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is an independent regulator for health and social care in England. It monitors, inspects and regulates services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety. They publish what they find, including performance ratings, to help people choose care.

There have been six new inspections in the last couple of months – Magdelene Court, Roman Court, Brook Court, Southdown Court, St Paul’s Court and Windebanks. are the latest services to be inspected. The services have all achieved a ‘Good’ rating overall.

Quotes from the individual reports include:

“I can assure you the service is absolutely incredible. They treat [person] like a member of their own family. Everything they do is in their best interest. Nothing is too much trouble. The staff are very kind and caring.” Relative, Magdalene Court

“There is nothing but praise for the staff at Magdalene Court. They know their clients very well and treat them very well.” Health professional, Magdalene Court

“You can’t go to Roman Court without coming away feeling good.” Relative, Roman Court

“Clients sometimes make bad choices and that’s OK, that’s how we all learn. We support them through that.” Staff member, Roman Court

“They definitely go above and beyond to make sure they do what they want. She wants and has a voice.” Relative, Brook Court

“It was amazing what they laid on for them. The tents were great and they loved them.” Relative, Brook Court – Three large tents were erected outside, at the front of the service to facilitate visiting during the pandemic. People had enjoyed using these tents so much to meet their loved ones and to use the space for activities, that one had been left for people to continue using.

“Staff are really good, just amazing, so kind, encouraging and supportive to both us and [person].” Relative, Southdown Court

“Staff help the person to smile and laugh” and, “They try so hard, they find a work around for every problem [person] is having. They’re fantastic and I can’t praise them enough.” Relative, Southdown Court

“Staff really understand this person and are with her, supporting her, when things didn’t work out.” Staff have ensured through the process of finding another placement that the persons views, wants and wishes were at the centre of any decisions that were made. Professional, St Paul’s Court

“We are a small and supportive team. We don’t have to wait for supervisions or meetings we get support whenever we need it.” Staff member, St Paul’s Court

“Staff help me with my cooking so I do not burn myself. By them doing this, it means I don’t have to live in a residential care home. I get to live in my own flat. They don’t take over and do things for me, but encourage me to do things myself, learn skills.” Client, Windebanks

“Staff are caring and kind. They treat me like a person and not a person with a disability. They see past my learning disability.” Client, Windebanks

Ella Arnardottir, Regional Manager, said:

“We are so proud of our services and their achievements, a particularly amazing outcome given that we are still coming out of a pandemic and have had a very difficult year. We are especially pleased to see all the nice comments from clients and families. This shows the exceptional commitment and all round excellence of our managers and staff.”

All of our CQC reports are available to download and read here.