Welfare Benefits Advice

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Please see our latest Winter Budget Bulletin for 2021 below.

Our Financial Inclusion Team has also put together guidance about current changes to welfare benefits in the UK. We hope you find the information useful.   

How does it affect you?

The government is making big changes to the UK welfare benefit system. For many people, this will mean that they may receive less money. Welfare Reform will have an impact on almost everybody so you will need to decide how best to respond to these changes.

What do I need to do?

Take a look at our welfare benefits information updates (below) to make sure that you are informed of the changes that might affect you. If you are clear about the money that you will have coming in, you will be able to better prepare for these changes.

Under Universal Credit you will need to budget your money in a different way and if you don’t currently have access to the internet you may need to start thinking about how you can do this. If you don’t currently have one, it would be a good idea to open a bank account and learn how to manage this. The government’s long term plan is that everyone should have their benefits paid into a bank account. Most banks offer a basic bank account that can receive regular payments and be used to pay rent and bills.

Welfare Reform has already brought many changes and there are still many more to come. If you’re worried or unsure about changes to welfare benefits and would like more information on how they may impact you, take a look at the information in the documents below or speak to your Southdown Support Worker.