Housing & Property Services Senior Manager

About us

All Southdown tenants have a dedicated Housing Officer who oversees each tenancy and provides support as needed. Housing Officers ensure that rent is paid, that tenants’ concerns are responded to and that the conditions of each tenancy are adhered to.

Our Property Services team oversee all aspects of property maintenance and development. This includes day-to-day and emergency repairs, refurbishments and property safety checks.

Our Central Housing team oversee delivery of our tenant involvement and tenant support services including the Tenancy Sustainment Service and financial inclusion advice.  The team also oversees our Housing Division’s systems, which support the smooth delivery of our services to our tenants.

Our Director of Housing & Business Services leads on development of new opportunities to provide affordable supported housing for people, as well as overseeing the Housing Division as a whole.

Central team

  • Jim Aspdin, Director of Housing and Business Services
  • Sarah Murphy, Housing and Property Services Senior Manager
  • Carrie Croll, Tenant Involvement & Communications Officer
  • Steph Foard, Office Sites Property Co-ordinator

Housing Management team

  • Jayne Atkins, Housing Manager
  • Clive Bryan, Chris Cook, Sandra Carter – Housing Officers
  • Ross Kirkham, Steve Hodge, Becky White – Housing Assistants
  • Gemma Buckley, Supported Living Partnership Officer
  • Charlie Lowden, Supported Living Partnership Assistant
  • James Membrey, Housing Revenue Officer

Property Services team

  • Paul Sharpington, Property Services Manager
  • Laura McKellar, Property Services Project Manager
  • Michelle Brown, Property Services Compliance & Fire Safety Manager
  • David Slattery, Property Services Surveyor
  • Clare Harman, Property Services Section Administrator
  • Demie Manser, Property Services Administrator

Get in touch

We want to hear from you. Whether you would like to report a repair, make a complaint or provide feedback, please get in touch.

To know how well we are doing as a landlord, we need real and honest feedback. There are a number of ways you can do this including: Repair Satisfaction Cards, Feedback Cards, Tenant Forums, Tenant Satisfaction Surveys and through our tenant involvement activities.

You can also just give us a call or send us an email using the details below.

Contact Details

Name: Southdown’s Housing team
Job Title: General enquiries
Telephone: 01273 405 800