A Southdown Support Worker is sat smiling looking at a client.

Our values

Our employees at Southdown helped identify the values most important to us that describe our promise to our colleagues, clients, tenants, partners and communities and what they can expect of us.

Simply put, our values are what we stand for.  They are:

Southdown Values

Living our values:

Our values are for everyone working at Southdown, no matter what our role. They guide how we do things, how we interact with the people we work with and the decisions we make. Take a look at the Staff Stories section on our website to read about how we live our values every day.

Our commitment:

To ensure our values are more than just words on a page, we embed them in everything we do. This includes embedding them in our people policies so that our values are part of our colleagues’ working life at Southdown. It includes working with our managers and leaders to develop role model behaviours. And it includes recognising, celebrating and sharing the stories of our people living our values.