sarah murphy

Sarah Murphy

Title: Housing & Property Services Senior Manager
Team: Senior Leadership Team

Sarah joined Southdown in 2018 at the Housing & Property Services Senior Manager. Prior to joining Southdown Sarah worked in social housing at two other Sussex-based registered social landlords, both of whom have historical and ongoing lease arrangements with Southdown. In previous roles Sarah had worked alongside Southdown staff to tackle anti-social behaviour against Southdown residents from other tenants.

As the Housing & Property Services Senior Manager, Sarah oversees the operational running of the Housing Division, ensuring our Housing Management team deal with tenancy breaches such as arrears cases and ASB with timely interventions and seeing that our Property Service team continue to provide high levels of service and compliance with our legal duties.

She says “I have always felt passionate about housing and the role it plays in providing a stable base from which vulnerable people can begin to improve their lives. Our staff do an amazing job in some very challenging circumstances, trying to get the best outcomes from our tenants, especially as help from partner agencies has been squeezed.”