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Service Type: Mental Health and Employment Support
Service Location: Brighton and Hove, East Sussex

Emotional Wellbeing Service

Contact Details

Caroline Castle - Service Manager

07772 613 953

About the service

Do you have a diagnosed mental illness or are you having difficulties with your mental health and wellbeing and would like coping strategies and resources to help you feel better?

The Emotional Wellbeing Service is now available in many GP surgeries across Sussex, to offer you information, advice, guidance, and support.

The service is provided in partnership by Southdown, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and local GP surgeries.

How the service work

Mental Health Support Coordinators and Mental Health Practitioners offer short periods of support and work with you, and your family or carer, to create a personalised plan that helps you to take positive steps forward towards your goals at a speed that works for you. Support will usually be one-to-one, either in person, over the phone, via online video calls, or by email. Small group workshops may also be offered.

The service can help connect you to local groups and activities, to help you find the right support in the community, and build social networks. It can also help you develop coping strategies, so you can build on these to achieve your goals.


Support is available for people aged 18 or over, living in Brighton & Hove or East Sussex, with a diagnosed mental illness, or if you are having difficulties with your mental health and wellbeing. You must also be registered with a local GP.


If you feel you would benefit from support, and meet the eligibility criteria above, please contact your GP to ask them to make a referral for you. Your GP will then contact you to discuss the options of support available.

For more information

Please contact our service manager, Caroline (contact details are at the top of this page).  You can also download the leaflet for the service here.