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Service Location: Brighton and Hove

Southdown Moves

Contact Details

Rob Westlake - Team Manager

07356 115778

About the service

Southdown Moves provides accommodation, housing management and support for people with low support mental health needs in Brighton and Hove.

Clients of the service are supported to maintain and improve their mental wellbeing, whilst being accommodated for up to two years (depending on personal need), at which point they will be supported to move on to independent accommodation.

The service is funded by Brighton and Hove City Council and forms part of the Brighton & Hove Mental Health Supported Accommodation Pathway.

How the service works

Resettlement Support Officers will deliver personalised, strength-based, and trauma-informed mental health and housing support.

They will support clients to:

  • Maintain and improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • Identify and utilise positive coping strategies and self-management tools
  • Increase participation in their community such as taking part in leisure activities and joining local groups
  • Access specialist support services
  • Develop independent living skills to sustain their tenancy
  • Achieve their move on goals and secure future independent housing

How to access

Referrals are made via the Mental Health Supported Accommodation Placement Officer at Brighton and Hove City Council.