A white man wearing a black t-shirt sits in his summer house with a huge smile on his face.

He loves the summer house

“He has a good, happy life here”

Jo goes to his summer house every day. He has his morning drink there and has started to have some of his lunches there.

It all started when he found a rattan garden furniture set at The Range. We decided that he might like his own space and to make it fancy.

He painted it one weekend with Support Workers. He was very thorough as he painted over all the windows, so we spent time afterwards scraping it off!

He was very keen he wanted lights and bunting, but no pink! So he has leaves as bunting!

In September, we’ll be having his annual My Plan Meeting in the summer house! A My Plan helps a client review where they are in their life right now and what their ambitions and dreams are for the future. He can invite guests to join the meeting such as family and friends. Jo’s My Plan is like an inspiration board for him and so we thought we could pin his new My Plan on the summer house wall!

He loves the summer house and that it is a place for him to create.

Jo’s loved gardening in the last year. His other passions include horses and horse riding, and he enjoys his college courses. He likes music and went to a music festival, and he adores Strictly and went to The Professionals Tour! We’re going to see Winnie The Pooh at the Theatre Royal soon.

His favourite place is Paradise Park – a garden centre with heritage trail and gardens and a planet earth museum with dinosaurs. He really loves the café and the mini train – he really likes Stan the Train Driver who also runs a bingo session which Jo goes to.

Family is very important to him too. He’s an uncle to lots of children and his parents are very involved.

He does yoga here every Wednesday afternoon, and every month we have a client meeting with everyone together. We talk about what they’ve enjoyed, any new staff and new residents. We do lots of planning in these meetings such as who wants to go to what activity. We make it fun by getting everyone to decide what they want to eat for a take away!

He says he has a good, happy life here.

Southdown manages supported living services across Sussex. Supported living is where an individual owns or rents their own home and has control over the support they get and how they live their lives. Accommodation and support is provided separately. It can be very different for different people. For one person, supported living might be a few hours of support a week to enable them to live independently by themselves in a rented flat. For another it may be around the clock support in a shared house or self-contained flat.