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Service Type: Housing Support
Service Location: Brighton and Hove

Transition & Resettlement Service

Contact Details

Ellie Kinnell - Team Manager

07974 673037

Contact Details

Lindsay Jordan - Team Manager

07977 198556

About the service

The Transition & Resettlement Service supports people to transition and successfully settle into independent accommodation.

The service is funded by Brighton & Hove City Council and forms part of the Next Steps Strategy, to help ensure some of the most vulnerable people in society continue to have a roof over their heads and are helped into long term accommodation.

The service is available to adults who are transitioning from rough sleeping/homelessness, mental health supported accommodation, emergency accommodation or former clients who are struggling to live independently and sustain a tenancy.

How the service works

The service is delivered across three phases of support using a goal orientated, flexible and trauma informed approach:

  • Transition: Planning and preparing for the move and securing a tenancy offer
  • Resettlement: Support with the move and to settle into the new home
  • Sustainment: Thriving within the new home and retaining the tenancy

Support also focusses on areas such as:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social connections
  • Skills and occupation
  • Culture and community


The service is available to adults who require support to transition into an independent tenancy from:

  • supported accommodation for homeless adults or young people
  • mental health supported accommodation
  • emergency accommodation
  • rough sleeping


  • have been referred for a private rented sector accommodation scheme and requires support to manage an independent tenancy
  • are experiencing issues living in independent accommodation and have been a former client of the service

How to access

Referrals can be made by supported accommodation providers, emergency accommodation providers and Brighton & Hove Housing Options Team.

If you would like to discuss making a referral please contact one of our Team Managers: Ellie Kinnell or Lindsay Jordan (contact details at the top of this page).

Returning clients

If you have previously been a client of the Transition & Resettlement Service and require additional support, please contact a Team Manager on the details provided below.