Making a contribution to the Sussex economy

With a turnover of £24.5 million and employing around 850 local people each year, we make a significant contribution to the local Sussex economy.

We prioritise working with local businesses, and with all our employees living locally, they in turn reinvest their salaries to further stimulate the local economy.

Showing the value of disability-confident workplaces

We aim to act as a role model for other employers in promoting opportunities and providing support for employees who have a disability or other long term health condition.

• 4.5% of our employees have a declared disability.
• A further 13% have a long term health condition.

Protecting the environment

Our goal is to create a better quality of life for our clients and our staff, now and in the future.

We’re committed to keeping our environmental impact to a minimum and over the long term, to ensure that all of our practices and developments are sustainable. Where possible we’ll also work to have a positive impact on the communities in which we are present.

To support this we have a plan of activities designed to reduce energy and water use, cut carbon emissions and waste, and reduce the impact of business-related travel on the environment.

We aim to:

  • reduce energy use in all our buildings
  • implement green technologies where possible
  • reduce the environmental impact of the construction, refurbishment, and maintenance of our homes
  • address energy and water efficiency at all stages of property design and development
  • use recycled and biodegradable materials where appropriate
  • consider waste in our procurement process
  • reduce the need for business related travel
  • reduce the environmental impact of our offices
  • provide advice and information to clients to help them reduce environmental impact and energy costs.