Two staff members from Work in Mind and NHS

Celebrating the success of Work in Mind Employment Support Service in partnership with Health in Mind

Posted on 13 May 2022

Southdown’s Work in Mind service has received a tremendous boost in the recent annual review for 2021-2022. Kevin Jarman, (EA in IAPT Initiative Lead at the DWP) & the national funders of the contract was full of praise for Work in Mind and what they have achieved. The feedback was extremely complimentary about the service during the review, stating that Work in Mind are delivering above expectation in job starts, outcomes as well as conversion of people entering into treatment and simultaneous employment support. Work in Mind was commended for delivering above national average across these different measures.

Work in Mind has been operating successfully as an integrated employment support service within Health in Mind, and is now approaching its 5th anniversary later in the year. Prior to this, employment support was provided on an ad hoc basis by the clinical team. The relationship and partnership with Southdown as the leading provider in East Sussex of community and mental health support has now significantly enhanced the support available.

The Work in Mind team now consists of a team of 12 led by team manager Byron Woods, Deputy team manager Claire Arendt and 10 Employment Specialists covering the 3 localities in East Sussex. The service has developed over the years to provide a closer fit to Health in Mind’s stepped care model. Short term support is provided over a number of sessions that can continue for a period of time beyond the end of client’s therapy treatment.

Lisa Kirby, Service Lead – Employment and Learning for Southdown said:

“Byron Woods and his team have worked incredibly hard to make a success of this contract and consistently stay on top of a hugely demanding service that is seeing approximately 1,200 clients this year.”

The strength of integrated working between the clinical teams and the Employment Specialists has grown as the service has developed, and the employment support offered alongside treatment provides an invaluable additional support for those accessing mental health support.

Clinicians know that Work in Mind can be approached on any employment related matter and that clients can partake in a friendly initial conversation to try and identify areas where support can be provided.

Kevin Rozario-Johnson, Digital & Communications Manager for Health in Mind, Sussex Partnership NHS Trust said:

“The positive feedback received from the National team about how Work in Mind is doing comes as no surprise. The Work in Mind team have become a crucial part of the workforce and the work they consistently deliver with clients of the service in invaluable to the service we provide. The impact that experiencing difficulties with mental health has on employment is well evidenced, and so we are delighted to have Work in Mind working alongside our clinical teams to provide this vital support.”

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