A white man with dark hair and a beard sits in his wheelchair in the kitchen. He is smiling at the camera.

My favourite thing about being here is seeing friends

“I feel like the staff are here for me”

I’ve not been living here for long. I like it. It’s better than where I was living before. I didn’t expect there’d be more staff. It’s been better having more staff. It means I can do more stuff.

I like shopping, colouring on my iPad, and watching TV. Disney is my favourite channel. I go into town to shop. I like shopping for coats and clothes.

I feel supported here. I get support with shopping and tidying. Sometimes I cook and sometimes staff does it. I feel like the staff are here for me.

My favourite thing about being here is seeing friends. They make me feel happy. We do things together.

Southdown manages supported living services across Sussex. Supported living is where an individual owns or rents their own home and has control over how they live their life. Accommodation and support is provided separately. It can be very different for different people. For one person, supported living might be a few hours of support a week to enable them to live independently by themselves in a rented flat. For another it may be around the clock support in a shared house or self-contained flat.