A white woman is smiling warmly to the camera. She is wearing a dark floral top and there are love hearts on the green wall behind her.

It's the best thing I ever did. I love it here.

“It’s amazing to have my own independence”

I’ve been living here for nine years. I used to live with my mum but she couldn’t look after me any more so that’s why I moved here.

It’s the best thing I ever did. I love it here.

Sometimes it does get a bit noisy so I go into my room and put my headphones in. I’m not particularly good with noise.

When I used to live with my mum, she used to do everything for me. Here, I’ve got my independence. I learnt to cook here. I love cooking.

It’s amazing to have my own independence. I can make my own choices.

We all have our own days we go out. On Fridays I go to craft club and shopping. Friday is a fun day for me.

Now and then I see my family. So I have a good life.

I get very good support here. I love all my Support Workers, and the Deputy Manager and Manager. My Keyworker’s fab as well. I love everyone here.

Southdown manages five care homes registered with the Care Quality Commission for people with learning disabilities. Accommodation and support are provided together as a full package of care. Our staff provide 24 hour support for people with personal care, mobility, health, behavioural and communication support needs.