worker with brown wavy hair sits at computer with headset on

“When I was in need I needed something like the Central Access Point”

Lee tells us about her role as a CAP Navigator for the UOK Brighton & Hove mental health network in Brighton and Hove.

A woman with blonde hair and glasses helps a man with casual shirt on count money

“This way of working completely fits into my life”

Molly tells us the benefits of being a Bank Support Worker and how the flexibility of this role has enabled her to go to uni and work as an Occupational Therapist at the same time.


“I think the spirit of Southdown is ‘can do’, it’s a positive culture”

Our Practice Development Trainer, Sharon, has worked for Southdown for 25 years. Here she tells us about the changes she has seen and what makes Southdown so special.

A man in a purple shirt sits outside a cafe looking at the camera

“The level of support, training, stability, and professionalism to keep clients and staff safe is excellent”

One of our Learning Disability Service Managers tells us why he’s been working for Southdown for over 20 years.

A man with brown hair and glasses and a checked shirt looks at camera

“The best thing about my job is knowing that I can have a really positive effect on tenants’ lives”

Introducing Simon, a member of our Financial Inclusion Team, which has been created to increase financial and digital inclusion for clients accessing Southdown’s services.

A person with short brown hair wears a bright orange hoodie and stands in front of a notice board

“Peer Trainers show students that you can live a good, enjoyable, fulfilling life. A meaningful life”

Meet Vicky, one of our Peer Trainers at Brighton and Hove Recovery College.

Jane wears mid-length blonde hair and a black jacket. There is a window behind her.

“I’m interested in making a difference to people’s lives”

Introducing Jane Claxton, the Chair of Southdown.

a man wearing glasses and a shirt hands some fruit to a client in a wheelchair in the garden

“Southdown makes a conscious effort to make teams as diverse as possible”

Introducing one of our Service Managers at a Supported Living Service who tells us about his career at Southdown and why he enjoys working with clients in our learning disabilities services.

A black man with short black hair sits at his computer in his office and looks at the camera

“People with learning disabilities are just people like everybody else”

Meet Newman, a Service Manager at one of our Supported Living Services in Brighton.