Southdown tenant

Our Tenants’ Annual Report for 2022-23

Posted on 27 September 2023

“We’re delighted to share with you our Tenants’ Annual Report for 2022-23; a report we produce for our tenants highlighting what we have done in our role as a landlord over the past 12 months.

It is important to us that our tenants, as well as other stakeholders, can access information to review our performance as a landlord. As well as this report, we share information on our website. Our team are also on hand to answer queries.

Looking back over the year, I’m really proud of the work of our Housing Management and Property Services team. I’d like to say a big thank you to our tenants too who shared their time, thoughts and experiences.

It’s been a busy year. As you’ll read in this report, our key focus areas have included ensuring our buildings (our tenants’ homes) are safe and secure; developing more supported housing for the people that need it; engaging tenants in what we do; supporting tenants as the cost of living rises; and continuing to explore ways to be energy efficient.

In the coming year, we aim to develop further opportunities for tenants and shared owners to get involved to shape what we do and how we do things. If you’re a tenant of ours reading this and would like to be part of shaping our future, please get in touch (via your Housing Officer, Housing Assistant or email us at

I hope you find this report interesting and useful.”

Jim Aspdin, Director of Housing and Business Services


You can read our Tenants’ Annual Report for 2022-23 here.