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Introducing our Business Strategy for 2023-28

Posted on 27 September 2023

“I am delighted to introduce you to our new strategy.

In getting to this point, the Board and the Executive team have had a healthy debate on what we see as the risks and challenges, of which there are many. Perhaps, more importantly, we have spent time considering
the opportunities and how, with decisive and bold action, we can continue to deliver our mission to provide exceptional community support services and housing across Sussex, enabling people to live well.

We are in unique times; a statement made many times in forewords such as this.

What differentiates this time, is the perfect storm of external pressures that are impacting our clients and tenants, colleagues that work across Southdown, our partners and ultimately the organisation itself.

The pandemic has left a lasting impact not only on the economy through inflation and the overall cost of living, but also on people’s mental and physical health. Across the country a lack of investment in existing homes is impacting on people’s health and there is a real tension between investing in existing homes and building more to combat the growing homelessness problem.

Southdown must play its part but also must ensure that it continues to be resilient.

I believe the four priorities we have committed to in this strategy reflect our desire to continue to be creative and make a difference but also ensure that Southdown is around for the future.

We are committed to ensuring our homes and services are the best they can possibly be. To do this, we will listen and learn from the experiences of our clients and tenants to shape service design and delivery. We also commit to continue to use Southdown’s voice to stand up for current and future clients and tenants, making the case locally and nationally for positive change and investment.

I would like to thank our partners and the whole of the Southdown team who work tirelessly to deliver services, often in challenging circumstances, to enable clients and tenants to live well.

I look forward to the journey ahead.”

Pauline Ford, Chair of Southdown’s Board 

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You can read our Business Strategy for 2023-28 here.