Renters Reform Bill

Protecting the future of supported housing

Posted on 31 May 2023

In May 2023, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities published the final draft of their Renter’s Reform Bill, a pivotal moment bringing about the most significant housing law reform since the 1980s.

The final draft included a new ground for possession which our Housing & Property Services Senior Manager, Sarah Murphy, had conceived of and pushed for at many consultation meetings. The new ground (5E) will enable Southdown (and other supported housing providers) to continue renting out empty properties even during times when there is no linked support contract. This will allow us to make best use of our properties without losing the ability to use those properties for linked support contracts in the future.

This important admission for supported housing providers will ensure that valuable supported housing stock isn’t lost forever during these times of funding cuts and decommissioning. We’re grateful that Southdown had the opportunity to be involved in a genuine, thorough and collaborative consultation via Supported Housing in Partnership.